Strive to Inspire

Welcome to Strive to Inspire, a heartwarming program by team JBKY dedicated to celebrating the inspirational figures in our community, with a special focus on Caymanian women. We believe that true inspiration can be found in workplaces, artistic pursuits and community service but above everything – the everyday woman that inspires others just by living her life, positively and authentically.

Strive to Inspire is a monthly series of uplifting social media posts, each centered around a remarkable individual in our community. These individuals, our 'Inspirees,' are recognized for being amazing people in our society.

Currently, our program is open to those residing on Grand Cayman, but as we grow, we aspire to extend our reach to our beloved sister islands. At JBKY, we are more than just a profit-driven business. We see our platform as a means to give back to our community, spread positivity and support others in a tangible and meaningful manner.

Join us in celebrating the incredible people who make Cayman a better place through Strive to Inspire! Please send us your nominations for a Strive to Inspire post via Instagram DM, telling us who inspires you and why!

List of Strive to Inspire Honorees:

Ms. Cindy Grant – February 2022

Ms. Janilee Clifford nee Jackson – March 2022 (may she rest in peace)

Ms. Manu Prabhakar – April 2022

Ms. Paula Porter and Dena Anglin – May 2022

Mrs. Teresita DaSilva – June 2022

Ms. Katlen Bush - September 2023

Ms. Carla "Jackie" Neil - October 2023

Mrs. Bethany Ebanks-Pacheco - November 2023

Ms. Paullete McField, Mrs. Ocean Marie Hall & Mr. Philipp Richter - December 2023

Mrs. Nasaria Suckoo-Chollette - January 2024

Ms. Leanni Tibbetts - February 2024

The Family Resource Centre - March 2024